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Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS).




Facilities Management


Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS) was announced as part of the Resilience Budget 2020 to help enterprises deepen their digital capabilities, strengthen business continuity measures and build longer term resilience.

Solutions supported under ADS address common enterprise-level challenges at scale, help enterprises to adopt cutting-edge technologies and enable enterprises to transact more seamlessly within or across sectors.

The types of solutions identified for ADS are those which meet the objectives set out in the Industry Transformation Maps and the Industry Digital Plans that further develop the types of digital solutions that are needed by the industry.

Evercomm Solution Package

Remote Digital Assistant
Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled Equipment Performance Management

Tailored AI-enabled digital assistant solution to address the key challenges of SMEs like high digitalisation cost and long implementation cycle, on-site human presence to run equipment operations, shortage of ready-to-go digitally skilled workforce, etc.

The solution comprises Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, operation chatbot, digital reports and sensor installation services and IoT/AI trained resources that help SMEs adopt the digital solution more cost-effectively.

Evercomm Solution Package